Delta takes fashion to new heights   


Three years in the making and a brand-new look for Delta employees around the world - including Zurich - has taken off!

Created by acclaimed designer Zac Posen, the uniform elevates Delta from the look of a traditional U.S. carrier by introducing glamour, sophistication and a whole new colour scheme.

For 30 years, Delta’s uniforms had been navy and red. Posen’s collection introduces chic new shades including Passport Plum, a colour that flatters every skin tone, as well as Cruising Cardinal, Groundspeed Graphite, Traveling Thistle and Skyline Slate.

The new uniforms made their first appearance in Singapore and quickly spread across the world to Switzerland and beyond, before finally landing in Honolulu – all on May 29. Check out Delta’s glamourous designs on the airline’s flights from Zurich to Atlanta and New York-JFK. 

Watch a flash back to Delta’s flying fashions through history here.  

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