How handheld technology is enhancing the customer experience   

Delta is using innovative digital technology to help frontline employees engage better with customers and deliver a more personalized travel experience at key stages of their journey. Here’s how:


In Delta Sky Clubs

  • Ambassadors in 32 Delta Sky Clubs have been equipped with handheld devices that allow them to welcome and check in guests at the door – giving them seamless entry to the Club to enjoy its amenities. Devices will be rolled out at more Clubs over the coming months.
  • Guests who have more complex needs, like updating their travel itinerary, can still receive personalized assistance from a front desk ambassador.

At the gate

  • ‘Nomad’ handheld devices are helping gate agents drive more personal engagements with customers at Delta’s Atlanta hub.
  • Agents can make seat changes, rebook customers, check bag status, board or check-in customers, and print bag tags and boarding passes all in the palm of their hand.

In the air

  • Delta’s flight attendants have long been using handheld devices on board to better engage with customers by using the ‘Guest Service Tool’ to quickly recognize top frequent flyers.

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