Biofuels and Carbon Offsets – Delta Powers its First Carbon-Neutral Flights   


When Delta’s newest A321 made its initial flight on July 12, it was completely carbon-neutral – a first for the airline.

Delta is using biofuels and carbon offsets in coordination with Air BP as part of its latest sustainability action. Air BP is supplying biofuels - manufactured and refined via sustainable sources and processes - for an initial 20 delivery flights from the Airbus final assembly line in Mobile, Alabama.

Delta has been reducing its jet fuel consumption since 2005, leading to an 11 percent decrease in emissions. The airline has a long-term goal of achieving carbon-neutral growth and reducing carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2050.

Meanwhile, Delta was the first and only U.S. airline to voluntarily cap carbon emissions at 2012 levels by purchasing carbon offsets ahead of the ICAO CORSIA implementation. This caps international emissions at 2019/2020 levels.

Customers can join Delta in offsetting the environmental impact of their flights by visiting

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