Limited Access to Delta Comfort+ Via Amadeus   

As advised by your account executives earlier this month, Amadeus is currently unable to provide subscribers with Delta Comfort+ fares for transatlantic and transpacific itineraries.

Delta and Amadeus continue to work together to solve this issue. The complexities involved require new approaches in Amadeus. Delta Comfort+ is one of many industry-leading innovations that Delta has brought to the marketplace. At times, these innovations can stress the capabilities of legacy systems. Senior leaders at both Amadeus and Delta are pressing for fast progress and we expect Amadeus to have the solution in place by early February.

Please note:

  • In the UK: Delta Comfort+ is still available as a fare by purchasing VS*/DL
  • Delta Comfort+ upsell is still available post-purchase via digital channels

We thank you, our agency partners, for the constructive feedback you’ve provided to us and Amadeus that is helping us work toward a solution. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work with our industry partners to bring better choices and improved transparency to our mutual customers. We will keep you posted on our progress.

Until Amadeus can process Delta Comfort+ bookings, alternative booking options include using either Sabre or Travelport for Delta Comfort+, or book Main Cabin in Amadeus and upgrade to Delta Comfort+ via Delta’s digital channels. Our representatives in both Global Sales Support or Reservations Support desk appropriate to your location are also available to assist.

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