New COVID Testing Requirements for Travel Between U.S. and China, Effective December 23   

Beginning December 23, all passengers flying from the United States to China especially those connecting domestically to their international flight are required to take additional steps when taking the nucleic acid rt-PCR and IgM serum antibody tests required for travel to China:

  1. Passengers connecting domestically to their international flight to China must schedule their nucleic acid rt-PCR and IgM serum antibody test in or near the city of their international flight departure (Seattle or Detroit). Passengers are encouraged to schedule tests in advance as well as lodging to allow for sufficient time to take the test and receive the results prior to flight. To change flights to accommodate the new testing requirements, passengers are encouraged to reach out to Delta Reservations at: 1 (800) 221-1212 Travel agencies should contact Global Sales Support. 
  2. The nucleic acid rt-PCR test result must include the sampling method as well as the testing method (either NAAT or rt-PCR).
  3. IgM serum antibody test must be performed via venous blood sampling, finger-prick blood sampling will no longer be accepted. The test result needs to specify the sampling method as well as testing method.
  4. Both nucleic acid rt-PCR and IgM serum antibody test must be tested at a laboratory that is approved by the Chinese embassy and consulate. List of approved laboratories for the Detroit flight can be found on the Chicago Chinese Consulate web page; laboratory for the Seattle flight can be found on the San Francisco Chinese Consulate web page.
  5. Passengers are still required to take their tests within 48 hours of departure. Passengers are recommended to upload their test results along with their flight itinerary to apply for the health code required for boarding as soon as possible.

 For additional information, customers should visit the Embassy of PRC website to view the official notice. Passengers are highly recommended to contact the embassy/consulate directly for additional details and to receive the latest information.

If travel to China needs to be rescheduled, travelers will have flexibility in rebooking without change fees, through Delta‚Äôs COVID-19 change fee waiver (including Basic Economy), and permanent elimination of change fees for international travel originating from North America (excluding Basic Economy).

Delta has raised the standard for safer travel by putting measures in place across every step of the journey to help keep you healthy and give you more peace of mind. To help make informed travel decisions, the latest information on COVID-19 can be found on the Coronavirus Update Center.

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