Notice for Passengers Traveling to The Republic of Korea   

All travelers arriving in the Republic of Korea on or after February 24, 2021 (KST), regardless of nationality, are required to submit a document proof of negative PCR test result.

  • Incoming travelers who fail to present proof of negative test result may be denied entry or will be moved to a facility designated by the Republic of Korea Government to quarantine for 14 days. (Foreigners will be denied entry to Korea)

Quarantine facilities are randomly assigned and cannot be changed for personal reasons. Transportation from the airport to the facility will be provided.

The fee for using a quarantine facility is KRW 1,680,000 (KRW 120,000 per day for 14 days), which is non-refundable and must be paid in full before entering the facility. Discharge is not permitted during the quarantine period.

This fee includes the cost of accommodation and meals.

Smoking is not allowed in the facility. You will need to stay in isolation, which means you cannot leave the facility or contact other people in the facility during your stay.

You will be tested for COVID-19 if you develop fever, cough, dyspnea (shortness of breath), or other symptoms that may indicate possible infection.

  • Even if you test negative, you will not be discharged until the 14 days of quarantine period have passed.

Passengers are required to sign and hand in a Facility Quarantine Consent Form to get a boarding pass for a flight to Korea. Passengers who do not hand in a signed form can be denied entry to Korea.

Failure to comply with the above guidelines may constitute violation of public health measures in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and may result in an order to depart from Korea.

  • Failure to comply with quarantine measures, including but not limited to refusal to pay the facility quarantine fee when required, may result in imprisonment of up to 1 year or a fine of up to 10 million KRW in accordance with the Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act and the Quarantine Act.
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