Payment Acceptance Policy and Alternative Transfer Methods   

On March 1, 2018, the IATA Passenger Agency Conference (PAConf) enabled the implementation of New Generation Industry Settlement Systems (“NewGen ISS”) and Transparency in Payments (“TIP”), as part of an adopted Resolution package agreed upon in November 2017.  NewGen ISS and TIP are aimed at modernizing IATA’s Billing Settlement Plan (“BSP”).

As part of this package, the PAConf adopted an amended Resolution 890 – Customer Card Sales Rules. The main changes to the new Resolution 890 are:

  • Updated wording consistent with industry rules and best practices; and

  • Amendments which allow use of Agent-owned cards or other Alternative Transfer Methods, if permitted by the Airline.

In addition, the PAConf also adopted Resolutions 812a and 896 to address the use of Alternative Transfer Methods, other than the Cash Payment Method, to transfer to a BSP airline monies collected by an Agent from a Customer for air transportation or ancillary services.

Delta continues to monitor its card payment acceptance policy.  At this time, Delta has not changed its policy and only accepts a customer’s card when using the card acceptance merchant agreement of Delta to collect payment for the sale of passenger air transportation and ancillary services in application of Resolution 890.

For the purpose of Resolutions 812a and 896, an agent may not currently use any card or alternative transfer method that uses Delta’s card acceptance merchant agreement, including any card issued in the name of the agent or any person permitted to act on behalf of the agent such as the agent’s owners or employees, to effect payment of monies due by the agent to Delta. 

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