Revenue Recovery   

To become an authorized agent to sell Delta tickets and services, a U.S. Travel Agency must be fully accredited with Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) or an International Travel Agency with the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) before Delta completes the accreditation process. You may contact ARC or IATA directly to obtain country specific accreditation information.

During the accreditation process for both ARC and IATA, agency information is reviewed to determine if the agency is creditworthy and meets Delta's guidelines to become an authorized agent. After successfully completing the accreditation process, Delta provides the agency the authority to issue tickets on Delta 006 ticket stock.

It may be necessary for Delta to initiate collection proceedings against an agency for failure to meet and/or violation of Delta guidelines, or failure to remit payment. Delta can file a default claim with the Airlines Reporting Corporation against the agency's Surety Bond or Letter of Credit for the amount due.


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