New Schedule Boosts Convenience Between Lagos and the United States   

Delta is boosting travel choice for customers flying between Lagos and the United States with a new schedule effective March 28, 2020, designed to maximize customer convenience both in Nigeria and the U.S.

With four flights to Atlanta and three to New York-JFK from Lagos continuing to operate each week, highlights of the changes include:

Earlier arrival

New early evening departures from both Atlanta and New York-JFK arrive earlier into Lagos the next day, giving customers more time in the office. And, because Delta One features fully flat-bed seats with 180-degree recline, individual aisle access and luxurious bedding, business travelers arrive refreshed and ready to go.

Business benefits

Delta’s Lagos to Atlanta flight remains a late evening departure. The new, earlier inbound arrival times from the U.S. enable same-day handovers.  

Convenient connections

Service from Lagos to New York-JFK will be rescheduled as a daytime flight, offering a many same-day connections on arrival in New York.

Meanwhile, customers travelling to Nigeria from key destinations such as Houston will enjoy a choice of connecting flight options via Atlanta.

Effective March 29, 2020 Delta’s flights between Lagos and the U.S. are scheduled as follows:

Flight number





Lagos at 22:25

Atlanta at 05:30

Tues., Thurs., Sat., Sun.


Atlanta at 17:50

Lagos at 09:35+1

Tues.,Thurs., Sat., Sun.


Lagos at 12:50

New York-JFK at 18:00

Mon., Wed., Fri.


New York-JFK 19:30

Lagos 11:00+1

Mon., Wed., Fri.

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