A Helpful Reminder for Unaccompanied Minors Traveling This Summer   

During this busy summer travel season, Delta would like to remind travel professionals to review Delta’s Unaccompanied Minor policy (UMNR) before making a reservation for a minor traveling alone. Unaccompanied Minor policy guidelines include, but are not limited to, the age of a child, flight and operating carrier selections, time of day traveling, as well as other requirements. 

Traveling on Delta, Delta Partners and Other Airlines
  • Delta only accepts unaccompanied minors on itineraries operated by Delta, Delta Connection, Air France or KLM.

  • Delta will only accept or transfer an unaccompanied minor making a connection on another Delta, Delta Connection, Air France or KLM operated flight. Delta will not make any exceptions to this rule for unaccompanied minor travel.

  • Delta will not accept an unaccompanied minor on an itinerary that includes Other Airline (OA) flights (exception: Air France or KLM).
Making a Reservation
  • The unaccompanied minor must be identified in the PNR prior to departure. If a passenger’s Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) indicates, by the date of birth, that the traveler is a minor, and the minor is traveling alone, Delta requires additional UMNR information be entered in the PNR. 

  • A parent or guardian must create a four-digit PIN for all UMNR reservations; the PIN must be provided anytime the customer adds or modifies Drop Off or Pick Up information in an UMNR reservation.  The parent or guardian may contact Delta Reservations   directly to setup the PIN. 

  • Delta’s dedicated Unaccompanied Minor phone number, 800-325-8847 (valid in The U.S./Canada/Guam/Puerto Rico/U.S. Virgin Islands) or all other locations  , may be used by travel agents who need assistance in entering UMNR information or for customers who have questions or need assistance regarding Delta’s UMNR program.

    • Please note: it is important to provide the 800-325-8847 UMNR assist phone number to the parent/guardian of the UMNR.
  • Children ages 5-14 traveling with a ticketed passenger 18 years or older that is sitting in a separate cabin, must be enrolled in the UMNR program. The UMNR fee, seating and routing restrictions do not apply. Travel agents should contact Delta’s UMNR phone number at 800-325-8847 for assistance enrolling the child in the UMNR program.
International Travel
  • Many countries, such as Mexico, Brazil, Italy and South Africa now require a letter from the parent/legal guardian giving permission for the minor to travel alone or with someone who is not their parent/legal guardian.  Visit the Delta Professional Travel Agency website for additional information or call Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations  for assistance.

    • Timatic is another helpful resource for travel agents to check for special requirements for UMNRs when travel is international.
Check-in and At the Airport
  • UMNRs are not permitted to use the online check-in process or a kiosk to check-in.

  • UMNRs should be at the airport at least two hours prior to departure and in some cases even earlier for international travel, to ensure a smooth check-in process.

    • Check-in with a Delta Airport Agent is required.

    • Kiosk check-in is not permitted. 

  • UMNRs ages 15 – 17, may opt out of the UMNR program, but must have an adult/parent present at check-in.

    • Check-in with a Delta Airport Agent is required.

    • Kiosk check-in is not permitted. 

    • ID is not required, but encouraged.
Additional Resources

For complete information regarding Delta’s UMNR policy please visit the Delta Professional Travel Agency website or delta.com .

For additional questions, please contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations  for assistance.

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