Reminder: Delta Marketed, Air France-KLM (AFKL) Operated Flights will not Incur Global Distribution Surcharge   

Starting April 1, 2018 Air France (AF), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KL) and HOP! (A5) will introduce a Distribution Surcharge on bookings made via a Global Distribution System (GDS). The Distribution Surcharge will not apply to bookings made via alternative NDC based connections (NDC Application Programing Interfaces and Air France-KLM Agent Booking Tool). The Distribution Surcharge will apply per direction to GDS bookings whenever AF, KL or A5 participate as marketing carriers.

Delta has coordinated with AFKL and Delta marketed flights are exempt from the GDS surcharge. On April 1, the easiest way for our NAM agencies and customers to avoid incurring the GDS surcharge will be to book Delta marketed, AFKL operated flights (DL*AF, DL*KL).

For more information, please refer to AFKL’s FAQ.

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