7 Simple Steps to Connecting in Atlanta   

It may be the world’s busiest airport, but connecting at Delta’s largest hub is easy. Our state-of-the-art international terminal offers signage in multiple languages and there are Delta’s iconic Red Coats on hand to help.

Clearing immigration is even possible using self-service kiosks for customers with an ESTA or eligible entry visa. Passengers on one reservation can use a kiosk at the same time, with multiple language options to make it easier.

There’s also plenty to do in between flights. The airport offers a host of restaurants, bars and retail outlets to help customers pass the time. There’s also a Delta Sky Club in every concourse, offering a welcome pre-flight retreat.

Meanwhile, customers can find their way around using Delta’s Wayfinding maps available on the Fly Delta app.

To help your customers connect in Atlanta with ease, download our handy ‘how to’ guide for Atlanta.

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