Delta Awarded FlightGlobal’s Most On-Time Airline for 2018   

Recognizing Delta’s strong performance in 2018, FlightGlobal has awarded Delta ‘Most On-time North American Mainline’, ‘Most On-time North American Network Airline,’ and ‘Most On-time International Mainline Airline.’

It’s the second year in a row Delta has taken top honors in the annual On-Time Performance Service Award.

Delta finished 2018 with a 99.65 percent completion factor — the calculation of flights flown versus flights scheduled. Meanwhile, the airline had an on-time arrivals rate of 85.96 percent of flights arriving within 14 minutes.

Other highlights of Delta’s award-winning operational performance for 2018 include:

323 – Days without a single mainline cancellation

143 – ‘Brand days’, or days without a cancellation across both Delta mainline and Delta Connection operations, up from 90 days in 2017.

4,000 – Fewer maintenance delays versus 2017

Meanwhile, Delta’s joint venture partner KLM came third in the annual rankings, with 85.04 percent of flights arriving with 14 minutes of scheduled arrival time.

Discover more about Delta’s industry-leading reliability here.

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