Reminder – Delta, Air France and KLM requirements for compliance with the Agent Code of Conduct   

In accordance with sections 3 and 4 of IATA Resolution 824 – Passenger Sales Agency Agreement, Joint Venture (JV) partners Delta Air Lines, Air France and KLM require travel agents to strictly respect their rules and principles when they offer customers the carriers’ respective products and services. The rules and principles described in the Agent Code of Conduct apply to all travel agents who book Delta, Air France and KLM and issue Delta, Air France and KLM documents through online distribution channels.*

The deadline for travel agents to become fully compliant with the requirements of the JV Agent Code of Conduct was 1 January 2024. This deadline was extended to 31 March 2024.

As of 1 April 2024, access to Delta marketed and operated flights has been removed for non-compliant agents. Access to Delta content will be considered for reinstatement only when these agents become fully compliant with the JV Agent Code of Conduct, including without limitation the display of carrier fare options according to Delta instructions.

As a reminder for Delta, Air France and KLM content, travel agents are required to:

  • Display the name of the fare product being purchased.
  • Disclose the key attributes and conditions.
  • Present a fully transparent price breakdown for ancillary products.
  • Show clear and transparent communication to the customer.

Please note that Air France and KLM have decided to extend the deadline for the implementation of carrier fare options to 1 July 2024. For the agents that fail to become compliant with the JV Agent Code of Conduct before the above-mentioned dates, Air France and KLM may withdraw their authorization for redistribution of their products on META search and/or remove access to Air France and KLM content.

* Within Europe the Agent Code of Conduct is a joint policy together with our partner Air France and KLM.
For North America, click here for AFKLDL distribution policies.

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