Delta’s Pre-Select Meal Program Expanding to All Delta One® Customers   

Delta Pre-Select Meal Program

Delta One customers flying on all international routes can now take their pick of delicious, regionally-inspired meals before they fly, giving them more control over their in-flight experience.


Email required

Enter the customer’s email address in the PNR. This also applies for customers flying on Delta-operated flights under a partner airline’s code.

For PNRs with multiple passengers, each person travelling needs a separate email assigned to them.

Without an email address in the booking, your customer won’t enjoy the benefits of pre-select and their first-choice of meal may not be available.

Decisions, decisions

The hardest part of the pre-select process is deciding what to choose!

Delta will contact the customer via email three days before they fly, inviting them to choose their meal.

Menus are created using fresh, seasonal ingredients for a fuller flavor at altitude by Delta’s in-house culinary team and chef partners. Customers can peruse the options at their leisure, make a selection and relax knowing their first choice of delicious meal is guaranteed.

Personalized service

As well as their pre-select main course, Delta’s menus feature a selection of appetizers, starters and desserts, so customers can tailor their dining experience to their tastes.

Meals are accompanied by a selection of wines hand-picked by Master Sommelier, Andrea Robinson.

Special meal requests 

Delta offers a variety of meals that comply with special dietary and religious requirements. These are not part of the pre-select program and must be requested in the PNR at least 24 hours before departure.

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