Delta Adds ‘S’ Class to Delta Comfort+ Fares   


Delta is adding single character ‘S’ class as an additional revenue class for Delta Comfort+® for both international and domestic routes for travel on or after September 4, 2019.

The changes are part of Delta’s ongoing efforts to display fare choices more consistently, while better aligning with its joint venture partners.

Delta Comfort+ fares will now be sold using ‘W’ and ‘S’ classes of service. ‘W’ fares will be higher than ‘S’ in the fare string and as a result will be priced higher. 

How to price a Delta Comfort+ fare in 'S' Class

  • The lowest available Delta Comfort+ fare will be offered in ‘S’ class, if available.
  • Book the customer’s reservation in ‘S’ class and use a “price as booked” entry.
  • Don’t use a “price as lowest fare and rebook” entry to price the itinerary. As the reservation is booked in ‘S’ class, this entry will rebook the customer into a lower Main Cabin fare and remove them from Delta Comfort+. 
  • If ‘S’ is not available book in ‘W’ class (the higher Delta Comfort+ fare) and use the "price as booked" entry.
  • For corporate bookings, display W- or S-class in the normal corporate fare entry to see all available Comfort+ corporate fares.

Good to know

Delta Comfort+ fares are based on dual inventory. This means both ‘W’ or ‘S’ class, along with the Main Cabin class of service of the Fare Basis Code used must be available for the PNR to book and price. 

Delta recommends that travel agents issue the ticket immediately in order to ensure that the PNR prices at the fare quoted.


For further details please refer to Delta’s Booking Class Realignment Information page on Delta Professional.  

For all other questions, please contact Delta Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance.

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