Delta Women Show Diversity is Key to Business Success   

women and diversity

Delta understands that to connect the world, its workforce first has to reflect it. Women at Delta bring their voices, ideas and leadership to the table as part of the airline's inclusive culture and thriving business strategy.

From the TechOps Hangar to the airline's Innovation Hangar, Delta women pave the way for others while making important changes and accomplishments along the way. Delta works to dismantle barriers to career entry and advancement and provides a level playing field for candidates in every position. The airline currently has 21 female leaders in officer positions.

The airline has been recognized as one of Fortune's Best Workplaces for Women. That’s down to reasons such as giving women a level playing field and its commitment to regular pay parity reviews between men and women – something Delta has achieved 100% on in frontline and administration positions. There’s also an employee-led, internal business resource group – SHE – that drives conversations and elevates perspectives about women in and out of the workplace.

Bringing more women on board

To help change perceptions of aviation being a traditionally male-dominated industry, over the past four years Delta women have hosted an all-female “WING” Flight, this stands for “Women Inspiring our Next Generation”.

Girls aged 12-18 meet with Delta women across diverse workgroups to learn how their interests led them to aviation and hear personal victory stories about overcoming obstacles along the way. This ‘you have to see it to be it’ approach, gives girls a real insight into what working for an airline is like to inspire them to become aviation leaders of the future. 

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