Summer Travel Tips for Customers Requiring Wheelchair Services   

As Delta seeks to connect its customers to the world, the airline also seeks to make travel easier for all – especially for customers with disabilities.


Please note: To assist Delta in providing the best possible service for customers using wheelchairs, please request the wheelchair service required, using the appropriate SSR, for ALL segments of the customer’s reservation, even if a customer only needs the wheelchair service for part of the itinerary.


  • For questions regarding how to add the SSR to a customer’s reservation, please contact your GDS help desk for assistance.
  • For assistance with specific required SSR documentation, please contact Delta Sales Support.

Using Delta’s wheelchair equipment

  • If customers wish to use Delta's wheelchair equipment for travel within the airport, they can check their wheelchair at the ticket counter during check-in or the gate prior to boarding.
  • Customers are encouraged to fill out the Wheelchair Handling Form, provided on, which outlines how to best handle specific assistive devices. The form can be placed on a customer's wheelchair or battery operated scooter in case the customer is not present at the time the device is transferred to the airport operations team for aircraft loading.

​Wheelchair Handling Form Tips

  • Print form, place in a plastic sleeve or laminate for repeated use
  • Secure the form on the wheelchair seat or attach it to the back of the chair
  • Verbally share how to place device in neutral, release/apply the brakes, pick up device, etc. with staff at the gate ​​

Post travel

  • In the event of damage to an assistive device, it's best for customers to notify Delta immediately — before leaving the airport. This allows the airline to begin the resolution process as soon as possible. Delta works with industry experts to help employees assess damage quickly and escalate the repairs process.

For assistance with wheelchair bookings, please call Delta Sales Support. Customers can contact Delta Reservations. 

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