Delta to Redeploy New Aircraft from Suspended China Routes to Transatlantic   

To maximize the usage of all available capacity,  Delta is redeploying its state-of-the-art widebody aircraft from service on suspended China routes to currently operated transatlantic routes, for travel on/after March 2, 2020. This move will result in a number of larger aircraft and enhanced seat product offerings on the below transatlantic flights. The list of aircraft changes below was loaded into the GDS, as a schedule change on Saturday, February 8, 2020.

Additional Delta Premium Select Seating:

With the redeployment of the larger aircraft, Delta has added additional capacity for the Delta Premium Select cabin in some transatlantic markets. Should a customer wish to upgrade to Delta Premium Select, instructions to process the upgrade are available below:

Delta Premium Select

 If available, purchase as an ancillary fee on or by calling  Delta Reservations.

 Purchase as a fare; if no itinerary changes are being made, follow the Main Cabin Fare to Premium Fare Ticket Exchange Policy available on the Delta Professional Travel Agency website.

For any other request please contact  Delta Reservations for assistance.

Travel Agency Reaccommodation and Ticket Reissue Guidelines:

Delta Comfort+

If a customer was originally booked in Delta Comfort+ and Delta’s schedule change results in an upgrade of equipment, the reaccommodation may result in a complimentary upgrade from Delta Comfort+ to Delta Premium Select, for some customers. If this occurs, travel agency may:

Accept the reaccommodation to the upgraded class of service and check to see if the ticket was revalidated.

 If the ticket was revalidated, no additional action is required.

 If the ticket was not revalidated, accept the reaccommodation to the upgraded class of service and manually reissue the ticket as an even exchange.      

Document the PNR with the following OSI message:



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