Clearing the Air: How Delta is Testing, Improving Air Quality for Customers   


Keeping the air we breathe clean and safe during flight is one of the most foundational layers of protection Delta aims to provide to our customers and employees. Just as we have focused on ensuring clean air onboard by replacing our industrial-grade HEPA filters twice as often as recommended, we are also committed to ensuring clean air on the ground.

By mid-September, Delta will replace the current air filtering systems that pump outside air into our jetbridges and parked aircraft with LEED Platinum MERV14 filters that will result in a more than 40% reduction in air particles* and cleaner air in those spaces during boarding and deplaning.

More than 600 gates at 31 airports where Delta operates – with plans to expand to more airports in the months ahead – will be outfitted with these sustainable, top-of-the-line filters, so customers can breathe easy both onboard and off.

As we continue to innovate, Delta is working with leading experts to measure and validate the effectiveness of the safety measures we have in place. For example, we knew customers still had questions and concerns about the air onboard, and we wanted to help ease their minds. A recent study measured the number and concentration of fine particles in the air across a variety of locations, including the air onboard Delta aircraft at altitude and in other indoor spaces; the data showed that the air in flight is many times cleaner than the air sampled in other indoor locations, like restaurants, homes and grocery stores. Watch this video to learn more.

From providing more space to extensive cleaning, Delta has put in place more than 100 measures to ensure a safe experience for our customers and employees, known collectively as the Delta CareStandard

*Source: internal Delta testing

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