Meet the four Delta leaders on GBTA’s Top 50 Women in Travel   

WINiT by the Global Business Travel Association, a network focused on driving positive change for the career advancement of women in travel-related industries, recognized Delta leaders Allison Ausband, Keyra Lynn Johnson, Jennie Ho and Edyth Adedeji among the Top 50 Women in Travel. 

With impressive careers at Delta, here’s what puts these four inspirational women on GBTA’s list. 

Allison Ausband

Allison Ausband

Named WINiT’s ‘Outstanding Woman of the Year’ in recognition of her leadership and ability to face challenging situations and strategically seek solutions, Allison Ausband is Delta’s S.V.P. In-Flight Service (IFS), responsible for Delta’s flying experience.

Ausband leads a team of 21,000+ flight attendants, around the globe as well as Delta's onboard global food and beverage operation and experience. Over the past year, she successfully navigated IFS through more than 150 COVID-19-related changes that directly impacted flight attendants, all to keep our people and our customers safe

She also heads Delta's Executive Steering Committee Against Human Trafficking and leads Delta’s efforts for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

Keyra Lynn Johnson

Keyra Lynn Johnson

Johnson leads Delta’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy as Delta’s first Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer. She led Delta to enact a three-pronged strategy to increase women in leadership, as well as diversity, equity and inclusion overall. The strategy focuses on actively seeking diversity, boldly pursuing equity and consciously promoting inclusion at all levels.

This includes launching a DEI training series that will reach every employee by 2022, new hiring practices to remove unintentional bias and closing representation gaps between frontline and leadership.

Jennie Ho

Jennie Ho

President of Delta Vacations, Ho also serves as the Executive Sponsor for Delta’s Commercial MBA Program, acting as a mentor with Delta’s corporate and divisional leadership development programs and leading Delta’s Chairman’s Club Selection Committee.

Ho began her career at Delta in 1998 and has held numerous leadership positions across the commercial organization. She is a champion of excellence, focused on fostering up-and-coming leaders.

Edyth Adedeji

Edyth Adedeji

Director of Los Angeles and Southwest Sales, Adedeji joined Delta in 2010. Results-oriented, customer focused and a natural talent developer, she builds an inclusive culture where all voices are heard.

Adedeji has been vital in the Global Sales Diversity, Equity and Inclusion culture change, where she launched a conversation that led to the development of the Eastern Region Action Club that is now part of the Global Sales DNA.

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