Tailored Travel: Delta Debuts First Aircraft with All Four Seat Experiences from Paris   

 777  four cabin configuration
Delta is giving customers more choice, comfort and luxury than ever before.

Customers flying from or via Paris-Charles de Gaulle can now choose from all four branded seat products -Delta One Suites, Delta Premium Select, Delta Comfort+ and Main Cabin - for the first time on board retrofitted 777 aircraft.

Delta’s newly modified 777 is available on flights to/from Paris CDG and Atlanta and Minneapolis.

This move is the latest in Delta’s effort to offer a well-defined range of experiences for customers traveling for business, leisure or both. Offering all four seat experiences on one aircraft gives customers greater choice than ever before, allowing them to make more tailored plans.

In addition to the four seat products, customers can look forward to a state-of-the-art interior featuring seat-back entertainment screens, full-spectrum LED ambient lighting and Gogo Ku Wi-Fi connectivity with free mobile messaging. Delta’s retrofitted 777s also feature 18.5” wide Main Cabin seats – the widest of Delta’s international fleet.

Last year, Delta announced a full-fleet interior renovation of its 777 aircraft to include the award-winning Delta One suite and the popular Delta Premium Select experience – all while maintaining nine-abreast seating in Main Cabin. Delta Comfort+ will be added to the four 777s already modified and the remaining 14 777s will embark on their four seat product transformation in 2019. Delta Flight Products is managing the 777 fleet modernization.

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