Upgrades Made Easy on Fly Delta App   

Delta customers can enjoy greater flexibility and easier options to upgrade their journey after they’ve bought their ticket thanks to the latest version of the Fly Delta app. Upgrades are available regardless of how or where the original ticket was purchased and customers can pay using SkyMiles® or an alternative form of payment.

To upgrade, customers simply log in to the Fly Delta app or go to Delta.com. Here they can buy Delta Comfort+®, First Class, Delta Premium Select, or Delta One® as an add-on, or ancillary purchase, subject to availability.

Customers can choose to upgrade any individual segment of their journey, or the entire trip – giving them more options to personalize their travel experience. Only flight segments operated by Delta are eligible for purchasing upgrades after booking a ticket, subject to availability.

Fly Delta app guide to upgrading with miles post purchase:

·        Log in to the Fly Delta App

·        Click “My Trips”

·        Select the trip to be upgraded

·        Click “Seat Selection” to load the seat map

·        Available premium seats will show within the seat map with a price of cash or miles

·        Member can then select to confirm the seat of their choice and complete the purchase


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