5 Things to Know About Delta’s Next-Generation In-flight Entertainment   


Delta’s newest aircraft - the A330-900neo - has taken off and with it, the airline’s next-generation entertainment system, featuring a groundbreaking wireless IFE system from Delta Flight Products.

The new IFE offers a rich, personalized entertainment experience that customers are used to seeing at home or on mobile devices with thoughtful touches that begin the moment they take their seat.

Here are 5 things to look forward to on board

  1. New and improved touch display that enables customers to explore content the same way they would at home. More intuitive navigation makes it easier to find what they’re looking for or explore new options.
  2. Special touches – like a display that makes it easier to select the content by comparing the remaining flight time with the time left in a movie or show.
  3. Tech-savvy extras like a fully revamped flight tracker that incorporates real-time data from the flight deck and makes it possible to engage with the world around.
  4. High-resolution seat-back screens for best-in-class viewing. The A330-900neo features brilliant screens in every cabin, while Delta Premium Select and Delta One® screens are the largest in the fleet.
  5.  An industry-leading lineup of Delta Studio content – free of charge in all cabins. Featuring up to 300 movies—including recent releases – more than 500 TV shows, music, podcasts and much more.

Delta’s wireless IFE experience is available on board the airline’s new A220 aircraft and will be available on board the fully-refurbished B767-400 fleet later this year. 


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