Payment Acceptance Policy and Alternative Transfer Methods   

On March 1, 2018, the IATA Passenger Agency Conference (PAConf) began the implementation of New Generation Industry Settlement Systems (“NewGen ISS”) and Transparency in Payments (“TIP”) by adopting a set of resolutions (IATA resolutions 812, 812a, 890 and 896).

While these new or amended resolutions may allow the use of “Agent-owned Cards” or other “Alternative Transfer Methods”, Delta would like to remind Travel Agents that their use is only permitted if the Travel Agent has secured the prior explicit approval of the individual airline.

Delta continues to monitor its card payment acceptance policy, and, at present, only accepts a “Customer Card” payment method when using the card acceptance merchant of record agreement (MOR) of Delta to collect payment for the sale of passenger air transportation and ancillary services. Alternative Transfer Methods and Agent-owned cards are not permitted at this time when using Delta’s MOR to effect payments.

The terms “Customer Card” is defined in IATA resolution 866. The terms “Alternative Transfer Methods” is defined in IATA resolution 812 and 896. “Agent-owned Cards” are physical cards, virtual cards, or one-time use payment cards issued in the name of the agent or any person permitted to act on behalf of the agent such as the agent’s owners, subsidiaries, suppliers, or employees.

In the event an Agent violates Delta’s card acceptance policy, Delta will recover the costs incurred by the improper and unauthorized use of its MOR agreement and obtain appropriate compensation for this misuse by the Agent. An ADM with a value of 5% of the amount paid with the unauthorized Agent-owned card or Alternative Transfer Method will be raised to recover the costs incurred by Delta.

In the case of repeated misuse, Delta may take additional actions, including the removal of the authority to issue Traffic Documents on its behalf, cancellation of ticketing authority, or the withdrawal of its appointment of the Agent (IATA resolution 824, Termination).

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