Delta named ‘Corporate Superhero’   

While heroes come in many shapes and sizes, it’s not every day that a global airline is recognized as a one. 

Delta was awarded the Captain Planet Foundation’s first-ever ‘Corporate Superhero Award’ for its commitment to sustainability, including uniform upcycling and reduction of single-use plastic. 

Looptworks computer bag

Delta’s uniform upcycling programme has helped avoid landfill through a partnership with Atlanta-based Looptworks. The 1 million+ pieces of retired uniform – around 350,000 pounds of waste - were collected at cities across Delta’s system then repurposed by Looptworks.

Items have been donated to those in need, upcycled into new products such as laptop bags, or downcycled into home insulation or stuffing for pet beds.  Learn More


Delta expects to eliminate more than 300,000 pounds in plastic waste each year – more than the weight of two Boeing 757 aircraft – thanks to efforts to reduce single-use plastic

Delta One TUMI amenity kits will no longer have outer plastic wrappers. This follows last year’s move to remove plastic wrap from international Main Cabin cutlery, which is rolled in a napkin instead.

Plastic stir sticks and plastic straws are being replaced with bamboo stirrers for cold drinks and birch wood stirrers for hot drinks on board and in Delta Sky Clubs. Learn More


Another sustainability innovation includes beekeeping at Delta’s Atlanta headquarters. Delta is the first U.S. airline   to host honey bee hives built and supported by Bee Downtown.

Delta’s honey bees fly up to three miles in search of nectar, contributing to sustaining plant life in Delta's hometown community and supporting Delta's goal to be a sustainable, environmentally responsible business. Learn More

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