Delta’s 7 Top Tips for Smooth Holiday Travel   

Delta Holiday Tips

Delta is helping customers maximize their time with those who matter most this holiday season. Here are some handy tips from the world’s most reliable airline to help them navigate busy holiday travel like a pro:

1Navigate check-in and the airport with ease with the Fly Delta app: The Fly Delta app lets customers keep track of all their flights. It automatically checks in eligible customers 24 hours before scheduled domestic departures, shares real-time updates throughout the journey, sends push notifications when it's time to board, and allows them to rebook or select a seat from the palm of their hand.

2 - Stay connected with family and friends in flight: Delta offers free mobile phone messaging via iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, which allows them to exchange real-time messages in flight with friends and family throughout their travels.

3 - Relax knowing luggage and gifts are in good hands: Delta's award-winning RFID bag tracking technology works with the Fly Delta app. Customers receive live push notifications of their bag's location at critical points, including when it is loaded on the aircraft and when it arrives at baggage claim.

4Know when to board with branded boarding: The branded boarding order encourages fewer customers to line up in the gate area, easing crowding and reducing stress during the boarding process.

5 - Join Delta’s mission of sustainability by offsetting travel: To make responsible flying easier, we’ve upgraded our carbon calculator on with a more user-friendly experience and new partnerships to support reforestation.

6 - Use miles to purchase seat upgrades: SkyMiles Members can use the Fly Delta app to purchase a seat upgrade using miles* instead of cash. Miles can be used to upgrade a single leg or multiple legs of a journey.  

7 - Get in the spirit with Delta Studio:  With more than 3,000 movies, TV shows and music options,  like Spotify podcasts and Hulu favorites – all free to enjoy - Delta offers more aircraft with seat-back entertainment than any other airline.

*Once purchased, upgrades are nonrefundable and cannot be transferred in the case of voluntary itinerary changes.

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