Cancel Ticket Coupon Check-in Status   

Travel agents may change the status of a ticket coupon from CKIN to OPEN in order to make changes to a customer’s itinerary or ticket.

  • To change the ticket coupon status, travel agents may cancel the seat assignment of the checked-in segment from the PNR; or, if the customer is no longer traveling on that segment, cancel the checked-in segment. After the seat assignment or the checked-in segment is canceled and before adding any additional segments, end and retrieve the PNR.  The ticket coupon status should now be OPEN. 
  • Travel agents may need to contact Sales Support or Delta Reservations for changes to the return segment of a roundtrip itinerary where a customer has checked in for the outbound flight and the outbound segment has not been flown
    • Travel agent may cancel the outbound seat assignment to reopen the checked in coupon; however, once canceled, the same seat assignment may not be available after completing the transaction
    • To retain the existing seat assignment for the outbound segment, travel agents may contact Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance with changing the ticket coupon from CKIN to OPEN
  • In either case, if the customer is still planning to travel on the flight segment they were previously checked-in on, the customer will need to check-in again for their flight

Please note: If a ticket coupon status is BRD (boarded), it is already under airport control and cannot be changed by either Sales Support or the travel agent. The customer must have a Delta representative at the airport open the coupon.


For any additional scenarios where the ticket coupon status does not change from CKIN to OPEN, please call Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance.



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