Delta joins coalitions driving net-zero future   

Bolstering its commitment to a future of net-zero aviation, Delta is joining three key coalitions of investors, suppliers, competitors and industry champions to drive real impact for the planet.

The carrier, the first to make its airline carbon neutral on a global basis, is taking part in the Race to Zero initiative; the LEAF Coalition, as the first airline; and World Economic Forum's Clean Skies for Tomorrow Ambition Statement, as a steering committee member. These partnerships build significant momentum toward a more sustainable future.

"The only real way for us to impact climate change is for everyone to align behind a net-zero emissions goal," said Amelia DeLuca, Delta's managing director of sustainability. "These coalitions unite resources, investments and minds to collectively work towards sustainable aviation, where our customers do not have to choose between seeing the world and saving it."

Each of these coalitions builds on Delta's vision for a net-zero aviation future:

  • LEAF Coalition: Tropical deforestation contributes approximately three times more global carbon emissions than the aviation industry. In 2020, 12 percent more tropical forest was lost due to deforestation than in 2019. Delta has entered into a letter of intent by which it will be the first airline and first organization in the "hard to abate" sector to join the LEAF Coalition, which brings together public and private action to accelerate efforts to reduce and end tropical deforestation by 2030. By joining LEAF, Delta may purchase high-quality carbon credits to support its continuing commitment to be a carbon-neutral airline operation from March 2020 onward –​ today, tomorrow and for years to come.
  • Clean Skies for Tomorrow: This coalition, under the World Economic Forum, unites global groups of airlines, airports, fuel suppliers and other industry stakeholders to accelerate the supply and use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), which can reduce lifecycle carbon emissions up to 80 percent compared with conventional jet fuel. As a steering committee member, Delta – which has committed to 10 percent SAF use by the end of 2030 – will help foster and develop the SAF market to ensure future production meets growing demand for sustainable fuel.
  • Race to Zero: Delta has signed the Race to Zero, a United Nations-led alliance.As part of Race to Zero, Delta has committed to setting net zero 2050 and interim goals through Science Based Targets initiative for its airline operations, in line with the climate science underpinning the Paris Agreement. Delta will celebrate this significant milestone, which it signed with the support of Global Citizen, on Sept. 25 at Global Citizen Live.


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