Complimentary Medallion Upgrade Reissue Enhancement   

For customers using a Complimentary Medallion upgrade, it is no longer necessary in all scenarios, for a travel agent to contact Delta to downgrade the upgraded outbound flight segment(s), if changes are being made to the return flight segments (see examples below).

Enhanced Reissue Process for Complimentary Medallion Upgrades

In most cases (see examples below), when a Medallion member using a Complimentary Medallion Upgrade needs to make a change to their return reservation, a travel agent can make a change to the return flight segment(s) without making any changes to the outbound segment(s) and process the reissue as follows:

  • Manually store the fare

  • Remark the Endorsement Box: “Change to Return Segments Only

  • Reissue the ticket

  • Collect any additional fare along with the appropriate change fee


Examples of when it is okay to reissue the ticket without downgrading the upgraded outbound segments:

1.  When a ticket is issued using one way fares and changes to the return do not require the outbound to be re-qualified.

Example: ATL-LAX-ATL VA14ATSA outbound/VA21B3SA return, both are one way fares. A change could be made to the return using the same fare or another one way fare that qualifies. The outbound segments would not need to be downgraded.

2.       When a ticket is issued using a round trip fare and a change to the return still meets all fare requirements. The outbound fare would not need to be re-qualified and the outbound segment(s) would not need to be downgraded.

Example: LAX-ATL-LAX VE21ATNA RT fare. A change could be made to the return providing the customer still meets the SUN stay requirement of the fare, the outbound segment(s) would not need to be downgraded.

Example of when the upgraded flight(s) will need to be downgraded prior to reissuing the ticket:

1.       When the change to the return requires the fare for the outbound segment(s) to be re-qualified/repriced, the upgraded flights for the outbound segment(s) must be downgraded.

Example: DTW-SFO-DTW UD14AOQA RT fare. Fare requires a 3 day minimum stay. If a change is made to the return after only a 2 day stay, the fare would need to requalify for the entire ticket (using historical fares)- the outbound must be rebooked to a fare/class that would have applied had it originally been booked for this shorter stay. The outbound segment(s) would need to be downgraded.



For any questions regarding Medallion Complimentary Upgrades, please contact Delta Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance.

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