Delta and Aeromexico: Second Year of Key Partnership and Seamless Service   

Since Delta Air Lines and Aeromexico departed together on a journey to pioneer the first transborder airline alliance between the U.S. and Mexico, more than 14.4 million passengers have benefitted from the carriers' integration during the last two years.

Today, Delta and Aeromexico jointly offer more than 1,100 weekly flights on 64 routes between 11 cities in Mexico and 33 in the U.S. The Joint Cooperation Agreement has launched eight new routes and two new joint destinations in Mexico, and allowed terminal co-location in 12 airports in the U.S., 10 of which are Delta hubs, and three Aeromexico hubs in Mexico.

As seamless as checking in at a Delta terminal and boarding an Aeromexico plane, "our goal is creating a familiar travel experience with standards that are common across Delta and Aeromexico. This partnership and the integration of both airlines allow us to offer a more powerful network, more benefits and standard policies, which result in a seamless service," said Nicolas Ferri, Delta's Vice President— Latin America and Alliances Americas. 

True to its word, the JCA has so far eliminated 80% of the differences in services and has standardized many processes, such as purchasing tickets online or benefitting from loyalty programs. On board, customers will find uniformity on Delta and Aeromexico cabins, seat selection and checked and carry-on baggage policies; parallel access to Gogo's WiFi portal and free text messaging; as well as having Spanish-speaking crew members on all transborder flights.

"Although the integration of commercial processes, products, airports and sales teams has been a great challenge, communicating with a cohesive voice has facilitated that assimilation. While Delta and Aeromexico have distinct and unique looks, we respect each other and share the same vision: to provide the best of each to our customers," said Paul Verhagen, Aeromexico's Senior Vice President - International Sales.

Providing the best isn't limited to the airport experience. From sponsoring the Mexican National Soccer Team to the Latin GRAMMY Acoustic Sessions in Miami, L.A. and Mexico City, Delta and Aeromexico are committed to supporting the communities they serve. The airlines aim to foster unity, diversity and to uphold corporate values through their sponsorships of a variety of sporting and cultural events in both Mexico and the United States.

"Such a historic alliance between two iconic airlines is about making travel between the two carriers easier for customers. By working together, we have shared and applied best practices and business solutions, bringing our individual strengths into the partnership," added Ferri.

Delta and Aeromexico sales professionals have formed a fully integrated sales team dedicated to promoting both operators in the U.S. and Mexican markets. Routes have been increasingly added throughout the two years under the JCA, strengthening the power of the network in the transborder market.

Customers from Atlanta can enjoy nonstop access to nine cities in Mexico including Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. The JCA also operates direct flights from New York, Detroit, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Los Angeles to multiple business and leisure points in Mexico.

Connectivity is crucial to driving business and boosting the economy of both countries, while offering customers the possibility of discovering new experiences through Delta and Aeromexico's distinctive service in the coming years.​

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