Australia Travel Declaration for Passengers Departing the U.S. Entering Australia   

The Australia Government requires all travellers to Australia to provide information to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. To enable this, the Australian Government introduced the Australia Travel Declaration for selected travellers to Australia on 4 November 2020. From 9 December 2020, all travellers to Australia should complete the Australia Travel Declaration before they fly to Australia.

The Australia Travel Declaration is a web browser form that collects information from travellers before departure to Australia. The information collected includes their flight details, quarantine requirements (if required), health status and contact details. This information helps the Australian Government determine quarantine arrangements and also allows the relevant health departments to contact a traveller if someone they were in contact with during their flight tests positive for COVID-19.

What are travel agents requested to do?

Travel agents are requested to:

  • Advise travellers of the Australian Government’s requirement to complete the Australia Travel Declaration before travelling to Australia
  • Ensure all traveller facing staff are aware of the need for travellers to Australia to complete the Australia Travel Declaration
  • Where possible, include advice in their website(s) about the requirement for travellers to complete the Australia Travel Declaration when coming to Australia
  • Include in communication to travellers coming to Australia, reminders to complete the Australia Travel Declaration

What must travellers do?

Travellers should complete the Australia Travel Declaration and need to be aware of the following:

  • Information about the Australia Travel Declaration and a link to the declaration is available on the Home Affairs website, go to
  • The Department has authorised a third party to collect the Australia Travel Declaration information on its behalf. Travellers will be redirected from the Home Affairs website to an external Australia Travel Declaration page. Once they have submitted their declaration, they will receive a confirmation email from ‘AU- Health Aero
  • They should complete the Australia Travel Declaration a minimum of 72 hours before their departure for Australia. Please note clients can complete their declaration up until departure, but this may cause delays on arrival in Australia.
  • If a traveller does not complete the Australia Travel Declaration it may result in the traveller not being able to board their flight, and it will cause delays when they arrive in Australia.
  • Once they have completed the Australia Travel Declaration, they will receive an email with details to be shown (either electronically or printed) to airline staff prior to boarding.
  • There are only two groups of travellers that do not need to complete the Australia Travel Declaration:
    • Flight crew
    • Diplomats

Coming to Australia

Travellers are still required to ensure they understand all entry requirements when coming to Australia.

  • Non-citizens must hold a valid visa to enter Australia
  • Travellers need to submit an exemption to Australia’s travel restrictions, unless they are in an ‘exempt category’
  • The Australia Travel Declaration process is a separate process to the exemption from travel restriction requirements for non-citizens.
  • For more information about Australia’s travel restrictions and exemption categories, go to
  • Travellers will still need to complete the Incoming Passenger Card on arrival to Australia even if they have completed an Australia Travel Declaration.


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