Validation to Sell Delta-Plated Tickets   

To become an authorized agent to sell Delta tickets and services, a travel agency must be first fully accredited with Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) or international agents with the International Air Transport Association (IATA).  You may contact ARC or IATA directly to obtain country specific accreditation information.

During the accreditation process for both ARC and IATA, agency information is reviewed to determine if the agency is credit-worthy and meets guidelines to become an authorized agent. After successfully completing the accreditation process, the agency is provided access for booking and ticketing through their GDS.

Delta Air Lines, Inc. is included in the list of ARC Participating Carriers and uses the General Concurrence method of appointing travel agencies.

New agencies interested in obtaining ticketing authority for Delta Air Lines (006) plates in these BSP countries should contact the local Delta Sales Office or a Delta Sales Representative for assistance.

An agent’s ability to sell Delta tickets and services is contingent upon compliance with Delta’s policies and guidelines for bookings, inventory availability, ticketing, refunds, exchanges, tariffs, commission policies, etc. Failure to meet these guidelines, and violations of Delta guidelines, can result in loss of an agency’s ability to sell and ticket on Delta. Delta reserves the right to recover losses associated with agent actions through the various channels available independently or in conjunction with ARC/IATA processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Delta validation plate?

U.S.-based travel agencies that are fully accredited with ARC will automatically receive authorization to sell Delta tickets and services and do not need to request any additional authorization to sell tickets and services from Delta.

Travel agencies reporting via BSP are automatically authorized to sell Delta tickets and services when they are setup in BSPLink and do not need to request any additional authorization to sell tickets and services from Delta.  Any questions regarding BSPLink activation should be addressed to

Travel agencies that have a question regarding the ability to issue Delta tickets and services should contact their agency's Delta Sales Account Executive or Delta Reservations  for assistance.

If my agency appointment is canceled by Delta, can we still book and or ticket reservations?

Cancellation of the agency appointment will prohibit the agency from participating in the sale of Delta air transportation and services, including booking active, passive or claiming Delta segments in any computer reservation system.

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