A Greener Way To Fly   

Delta is the only airline to voluntarily cap emissions at 2012 levels, something we achieve by purchasing carbon offsets – more than 2.5 million in 2017 alone, and more than $11 million-worth since our voluntary effort started. 

Many customers are engaged in their own personal and corporate sustainability efforts and Delta is committed to extending those efforts whenever they fly on our airline.

On Earth Day 2018, Delta offset carbon emissions on all domestic travel into and out of seven major U.S. airports. This accounted for more than 170,000 corporate and leisure customers travelling through Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle, Raleigh and all three New York-area airports, with around 30,000 carbon offsets purchased.

Customers wishing to offset their travel can visit delta.com/co2 to estimate their carbon emissions and invest in carbon offset projects themselves.

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