Delta Comfort+ Fares Reinstated For U.K. Origination   

As part of an ongoing effort to offer international customers a full menu of Delta fare products, we are reintroducing Delta Comfort+ fares for itineraries that originate in the U.K., effective immediately, after suspending them in February of 2018.  With the reintroduction of these fares, Travel Agents will also be able to purchase fares for Virgin Atlantic’s Economy Delight product on DL-marketed/VS-operated flights for exit UK itineraries. Delta Comfort+® and Virgin Atlantic’s Economy Delight products offer benefits including, but not limited to, additional recline on longer flights, extra legroom and priority boarding that many customers value when flying.

As a reminder:

  • When booking and pricing a Delta Comfort+ fare in the GDS for Transatlantic and Transpacific markets, Travel Agents will need to book a customer's reservation into "W" class (on the Economy shelf) and use a "price as booked" entry. The lowest available Delta Comfort+ fare will be offered.
  • Travel Agents should not use a "price as lowest fare and rebook" entry to price the itinerary, because the reservation is booked in "W" class, this entry will rebook the customer into a lower Main Cabin fare and remove them from Delta Comfort+.

For more information about Delta Comfort+, please visit the Delta Comfort+ Product Page on Delta Professional. For any additional assistance, please contact Delta Sales Support.

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