Hand-held Technology Takes Customer Service Higher   

With service in its DNA, Delta-developed tools and technology are empowering employees to meet customers’ needs on a personal level on the ground and in the air. 

On board, SkyPro devices give Flight Attendants information on each passenger, such as frequent flyer status or any travel disruption, so they can greet them personally and engage with them better. Delta estimates that the recognition offered by the SkyPro tool can enhance the travel experience of around 20,000 customers every day.


On the ground, more agents are equipped with Nomad handheld devices to help them interact with customers on the go. By getting out from behind a desk, agents can deliver faster, more personalized solutions, like making seat changes, printing bag tags, boarding passes and more, from the palm of their hand.  Nomad devices even allow agents to verify passports for international customers via laser scanning.

In 2019, Delta will increase the number of employees using Nomad devices to more than 2,500 across nearly 40 domestic and international airports, benefiting thousands more customers along the way. 

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