Operational Performance: Delta's Reliability Gets Customers There On Time   

With service to six continents, combined with industry-leading reliability, Delta strives to get your customers where they want to go on time and with their bags.

Earlier this year – and for the second year running - FlightGlobal named Delta ‘Most On-time North American Mainline,’ ‘Most On-time North American Network Airline,’ and ‘Most On-time International Mainline Airline.’  


Highlights of Delta’s operational performance for 2018 include:

99.65% – Completion factor – percentage of flights flown versus flights scheduled

85.96% - Arrivals within 14 minutes of schedule

23 – Days without a single mainline cancellation 

143 – ‘Brand days’, or days without a cancellation across both Delta mainline and Delta Connection operations, up from 90 days in 2017

4,000 – Fewer maintenance delays versus 2017




Flights are also smoother thanks to Delta’s Flight Weather View app, a pioneering tool that enables pilots to spot and avoid patches of turbulence in-flight. 

Pilots can let customers and crew know when they'll be entering rough air, helping customers trust the seatbelt sign while reducing stress for nervous travelers who know what to expect. 


RFID technology


Customers with checked bags also have greater peace of mind thanks to RFID tracking available across Delta’s system. 

The chip in each bag tag synchs to the Fly Delta app to give customers real-time information on their bag’s location with a simple check of their phone. RFID achieves a read rate of 99-100%, making it the leading technology for ensuring accurate bag tracking.



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