Delta Blocking Middle Seats, Pausing Automatic Advance Upgrades and More to Enable Social Distancing    Updated 22 April 2020

In the latest move to ensure we’re keeping people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, Delta is taking steps to help customers and employees practice social distancing on the ground and in the air in keeping with current health-expert recommendations. 



Starting April 13 through June 30, the following temporary changes will go into effect to further promote a safe flying experience: 

  • We are blocking middle seats in Main Cabin, Delta Comfort+ and Delta Premium Select across all flights. When booking your future seat selection via the Fly Delta App or online, middle seats will be shown as unavailable.  
  • We are reducing the number of customers on each flight.  
  • We are pausing automatic, advance Medallion Complimentary Upgrades. These will now be processed at the gate – still in priority order – to allow gate agents to determine how to best seat customers while considering social distancing and aircraft weight-and-balance restrictions.  
  • Customers who want to practice social distancing can explore options via the Fly Delta App or at Customers who prefer to be seated directly next to travel companions and family members or needing additional assistance should contact Reservations ahead of travel or talk to a Delta agent upon arriving at the gate.  


Safety requires that customers sit close to their assigned seat:

An aircraft’s safe operation requires a balanced distribution of weight inside the cabin. To balance needs of aircraft weight and balance with the desire of customers to practice social distancing, customers will need to be seated within the same class of service and within three rows (in front or behind) of their assigned seat. 


Delta people have already taken the following steps over the last few weeks to help customers practice social distancing: 

  • Transforming cleanliness across aircraft and airports to deliver our new Delta Clean standard for the long term
  • Streamlining food and beverage service on board all U.S. domestic and international flights to decrease touch points between customers and crew.  
  • Boarding customers 10 at a time, reminding them to add extra space as they board, and working with customers to find a new seat within their cabin if needed and as space allows. 
  • Connecting with customers onboard after the aircraft reaches 10,000 feet, to help them find a new seat while complying with weight-and-balance restrictions. 
  • Extending the ability to plan, re-book and travel with us for up to two years – giving Delta customers some extra breathing room for changes.  

Keeping our people safe helps keep our customers safe. That’s why we continue to take steps to encourage social distancing, when possible, and we remain in coordination with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and local health organizations to make necessary adjustments across our business. Customers will notice some of these steps. 

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