Struttura tariffaria Delta Fare Basis Code *  

Delta's Fare Basis Code (FBC) structure has expanded to more markets and branded products, including our newest product Delta Premium Select.

Using Delta's FBC structure, corporate and agency partners may apply ticket designators to more branded products. Agency and Corporate incentives can now be easily applied to these branded products. Corporate Priority and recognition benefits will also apply.   

Delta's Fare Basis Code structure now applies to:

  • Most Domestic (U.S. and Canada) First Class F-Upsell fares. 
  • Delta One® and Business fares in Latin, Pacific and Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) markets, and Delta One fares available on select cross-country flights, including between New York - JFK and Los Angeles (LAX) or San Francisco (SFO), between Washington Reagan (DCA) and Los Angeles (LAX), and between Boston (BOS) and San Francisco (SFO).
  • Delta Premium Select fares, now available on select international routes.
  • Delta Comfort+ as a fare productPlease note: In select markets, Delta Comfort+ as a fare uses a static ticket designator WCOM or SCOM. 
  • Basic Economy fares in all markets where Basic Economy fares are offered.

Please note: Markets using Delta’s Fare Basis Code Structure are subject to change without notice.

Identifying Branded Fares with New Fare Basis Code (FBC) Structure

In almost all markets, Delta will use the second from the last character in the fare basis code regardless of the number of characters in the code to identify the branded product.   

All Fare Basis Codes are limited to no more than 8 characters. Domestic** markets typically use all 8 characters, while international markets may use less than 8 characters.

Domestic Branded Fare Product
(US and Canada)

2nd to last Character Position Identifies Product

Fare Basis Code Example

First Class F-Upsell fares



Delta One®



Delta Comfort+®

C or I


Main Cabin

M or E


Basic Economy



International Branded Fare Product

2nd to last Character Position Identifies Product

Fare Basis Code Example

Delta One®/Business (Latin and Asia/Pacific)



Delta Premium Select
(No dual inventory check; Fare Basis Code begins with P, A, G; Booking class will be P, A, G)

(With dual inventory check - Fare Basis Code begins with Main Cabin inventory letter: Booking class will be P, A, G)



Delta Comfort+®

(Asia Pacific, South America, Europe and select cities in Africa and Middle East (DKR/ACC/LOS/JNB/TLV) and excluding EMEA PoS) 

C or I


Delta Comfort+®

(All Latin America/Caribbean markets, EMEA PoS fares)


Currently Identified by use of

WCOM or SCOM Ticket Designator



Main Cabin

M or E


Basic Economy: all PoS in US, Canada, Transpacific and Latin America and Caribbean Markets

North America (U.S. 50 and Canada) and UK PoS in transatlantic markets



Basic Economy: Non-UK Europe PoS in transatlantic markets



*Exception, for travel from the U.S. or Canada to Europe, Middle East, Africa or India (EMEAI), the Fare Basis Code will take the main cabin inventory letter with an “M” instead of a “P” in the 7th position, for fares booked in “G” class of service. 

Please Note: The information above regarding Delta Comfort+® fares applies for markets where Delta Comfort+ is available for purchase as a fare product.  In some international markets, Delta Comfort+ continues to be available for purchase as an ancillary seat product only.  Please click here for details.

**Domestic = Within US 50 and between US 50 and Canada.



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