Seven tips for navigating the airport   

Couple walking through LGA

Delta is working hard to make travel smoother for customers, but operational challenges at some airports could mean their experience isn’t currently as hassle-free as we would like.

To help make customers’ airport journey a little easier, here are some tips for navigating the airport during the peak travel season:

1. Check in online

If eligible, customers can save time by checking-in before they arrive at the airport. Any required health credential documentation can be uploaded using Delta FlyReady, a digital tool available on and the Fly Delta app.  Customers using Delta FlyReady also benefit from dedicated bag-drop and other perks at select airports.

Don’t forget, when they check in online customers need to provide an attestation and mandatory contact tracing information. 

2. Download the Fly Delta app

Free to download for iOS and Android, the Fly Delta app is packed with handy features such as flight status updates, wayfinding maps, upgrades, rebooking and more to enable customers to manage their travel on the go. The app also offers a virtual queuing tool, so customers know exactly when to head to the gate.

3. Checked bags?

Customers with bags to check-in or excess baggage to pay for should head straight to a check-in desk, not the self-service kiosks when they arrive at the airport.

And when it comes to packing smart, any prescribed medication, valuable or sentimental items need to be kept in hand luggage – never checked bags!

4. Name it

Before they check it in, customers should ensure their bag is clearly labelled inside and out with their name and a contact telephone number, just in case. Adding a bright ribbon, tag or strap makes bags easier to identify on the carousel on arrival. The Fly Delta app even lets customers track their bags thanks to Delta’s RFID bag tags.

5. Leave enough time

Airports are busy. Delta recommends arriving minimum of three hours prior to departure for international flights and longer on peak travel days to allow for any queues at check-in and security.

6. Be security savvy

Being prepared before they reach the security belt is a sure-fire way for customers make the experience easier for everyone. Remember: >100ml liquids in clear plastic bags; electronics out of carry-on bags; empty pockets of coins, keys and phones; and coats/jackets off.

7. Clearing US Customs and Border Protection

An up-to-date ESTA or applicable visa is essential for travel to the U.S., even if customers are transiting to another country beyond the United States. Information on what’s required is available on the Delta Discover Map.


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