Amadeus Automated (ATC) Refund for Delta now available   

Delta has partnered with Amadeus to turn on Automated (ATC) Refund for Delta. This new feature is now available for travel agencies that subscribe to the Amadeus Automated (ATC) Refund product.

Automated Refund was designed to remove complexity from the refund process, saving up to five minutes per transaction. In addition, it lowers the risk of errors and mitigates debit memo exposure.

Travel Agencies can use Automated Refund for the following ticket types:

  • Refundable/nonrefundable
  • Published and unpublished fares (e.g., Net IT/BT)
  • Wholly unused or partially used

If you have questions about the Amadeus Automated (ATC) Refund Product and/or how to acquire it, please contact the Amadeus Help Desk directly.

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