Virgin Atlantic New Branded Products - Rebooking Instructions   

Virgin Atlantic (VS) recently announced  three new branded products: Economy Light, Economy Classic, and Economy Delight. Economy Light is similar to Delta’s Basic Economy, Economy Classic is similar to Delta’s Main Cabin and Economy Delight is similar to Delta Comfort+.

Previously Made Reservations with Extra Legroom Purchases

With the new VS Economy Delight branded product, one of the benefits customers will experience is additional legroom. Prior to announcing these new branded products, VS offered customers the option to purchase extra legroom seats on VS-operated flights. To preserve the purchase of the extra legroom product on the DL-marketed, VS-operated flights, Delta has rebooked the previously ticketed flight segments in “W” class and the associated tickets will need to be reissued.

PNR and Ticket Documentation for Reissue

For ticketed reservations, travel agents will need to manually store the fare and add the following documentation to the PNR and ticket:

  • Endorsement box documentation: DL/VS CLASS CHG DL 4370 08MAY18 (enter affected flight number and date of travel) 

The travel agent may then reissue the ticket as an even exchange.

Additional Assistance

Travel agents who need further assistance should contact Global Sales Support.

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