Irregular Operations Policy (IROP)   


Delta defines an irregular operation (IROP) as a delay or cancellation to a Delta flight schedule within 72 hours of travel occurring for a variety of reasons including but not limited to:

  • Weather or other “acts of God”
  • Servicing of an aircraft
  • Aircraft equipment change
  • Crew rest

Standard Irregular Operation Guidelines


Reaccommodations/Ticket Reissue

When a standard IROP occurs (no travel exception waiver is issued), travel professionals must contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance with customer reaccommodations and any ticket reissues. Reaccommodations and ticket reissues during an IROP will be made without penalty or administrative service charges.

Refundable Ticket

Travel professionals may refund fully refundable tickets through normal BSP processing.

Non-Refundable Ticket – Wholly Unused

Travel agents worldwide can refund a wholly unused non-refundable ticket when there has been a Delta IROP event if the following apply:

  • Affected flight is Delta-coded (operated by Delta or other airline) or Delta Connection flight

  • Flight canceled due to an IROP or there is a change in the scheduled departure time which exceeds 90 minutes
Required Documentation

The PNR must be documented with one of the following OSI entries:

  • OSI DL REFUNDED PER IROP CANCEL DLXXXX/DDMMMYY (XXXX = canceled flight number and DDMMMYY = impacted flight date)

  • OSI DL REFUNDED PER IROP DELAY DLXXXX/DDMMMYY (XXXX = delayed flight number and DDMMMYY = impacted flight date)
Non-Refundable Ticket – Partially Used

Travel agents worldwide must contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations office for assistance with a refund for a partially used nonrefundable ticket affected by a Delta IROP event.


Travel Exception Event Irregular Operations Guidelines

Travel professionals may rebook and reissue tickets for their customers whose flights have been cancelled due to irregular operations caused by weather events or for “acts of God” (e.g. storms, floods or earthquakes), provided certain conditions are met. See Travel Exception Policy Guidelines.


If a travel exception waiver is issued and a customer’s Delta flight is cancelled due to irregular operations such as weather or an “act of God”, Delta allows travel professionals to refund a totally unused non-refundable ticket(s) through normal BSP processing, if no other alternate flights are acceptable. The PNR and ticket must be documented as noted below.

Required PNR Documentation

When the qualifying flight cancellation or change in schedule is received in the GDS, please add the OSI message below and submit the refund in the GDS.

Note: the OSI message must be added before the itinerary is canceled.

Document the PNR with the following OSI message:

OSI DL REFUND PER XXXXX (weather/event name) / DDMMMYY (See Travel Exception Policy for date)

If the ticket has already been reissued by Delta or the ticket is partially used, travel agents may utilize the Travel Agent Weather Event Online Refund form to submit a refund request or contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance.

Additional information

When an irregular operation occurs, Delta will attempt to reroute, re-ticket, and under certain circumstances pay for hotel, ground transportation, communications, and meals per the rules of the Contract of Carriage.

For general information related to possible compensation due to an IROP event, please refer to Delta’s Contract of Carriage.


September 17, 2021

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