Changes to Delta Comfort+® Fares Originating in the UK   

As part of our endeavor to offer international customers a full menu of Delta fare products, we introduced Delta Comfort+ fares in the UK last year. Delta Comfort+® offers benefits including additional recline on longer flights, extra legroom, priority boarding and more that many customers value when flying.

However, limitations within the third party display means that the fares are offered alongside stand-alone ‘premium economy’ products which we know has caused frustration among our UK-based travel partners. Based on feedback from our UK-based travel partners, we have made the decision to remove Delta Comfort+ fares from third party sale for itineraries originating in the UK. This change is effective February 8, 2018.

Though Delta Comfort+ fares have been removed for customers originating in the UK, travel agents and customers in all markets can still book Main Cabin fares through third party partners (e.g. GDS, online travel agencies, corporate online booking tools and agency partners) then navigate to or call Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations to book Delta Comfort+ as an ancillary seat product.

For more information on available ways to purchase Delta Comfort+ today and to help you serve our customers, please visit the Delta Comfort+ Product Page on Delta Professional. This page includes comprehensive and regularly updated information about Delta Comfort+. If further assistance is needed, please contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations.

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