Delta Comfort+®    Updated February 13, 2020

About Delta Comfort+®

Delta Comfort+ is available on nearly all Delta and Delta Connection aircraft system-wide.

Delta Comfort+ fares are booked in "W or S" Class.

Dual character ‘S’ class will still be utilized for Comfort+ upgrade certificates. Due to a GDS limitation of only being able to display a single class of service, travel agents will see ‘S’ class for all of the following 'S’ class booking options, even though they may be booked as a dual character class of service:

  • Revenue (S)
  • SkyMiles Award (SN)
  • Complimentary Medallion upgrade (SU)
  • SkyMiles Global or Regional upgrade (SY)
  • eNCI upgrade certificate (SY)

Delta Comfort+ customers will enjoy:

  • Up to 3 more inches of legroom on long-haul international and select domestic flights.

  • Early boarding and dedicated overhead bin space with Delta Comfort+ boarding. Customers will be among the first on the plane to get their carry-on stowed*

  • Seat location toward the front of the plane which means customers are among the first off

  • Complimentary pillow, blanket, sleep kits and headsets available on long haul international flights and certain domestic transcontinental flights 

  • Complimentary meal service on long-haul international flights and select long-haul domestic flights**

  • Premium snacks and complimentary Starbucks®, beer, wine and spirits on most flights**

* Dedicated overhead bin space for a bag is not guaranteed based on flight capacity.

**Premium snacks available on flights over 900 miles and select routes. Starbucks, beer, wine and spirits available on flights over 250 miles. Must be 21 or older to enjoy complimentary alcoholic beverages. Please drink responsibly.

Visit for full details and to view all terms and conditions.


How to Buy Delta Comfort+®

Delta offers both fare and ancillary seat purchase options for Delta Comfort+.  Customers can purchase premium products like Delta Comfort+ as an ancillary seat purchase for all or part of their journey, in all markets. Ancillary purchase options build on the airline’s innovative branded fares program designed to give customers greater flexibility and choice when making travel plans.

Visit the Agent Resources tab for additional information regarding how to identify and price Delta’s Branded Products.

Delta Comfort + as a Fare Product

Delta Comfort+ as a fare product is available to view and sell in all major GDS. Delta Comfort+ fares provide the following benefits:       

  • Opportunity to use corporate ticket designators and receive associated discounts*

  • Priority boarding and recognition benefits

  • Improved workflow by eliminating the need for separate ticket and ancillary fee transactions

*Please note you cannot use the corporate ticket designator on any Comfort+ fare that uses the static ticket designtator WCOM or SCOM.

Agency incentives and commissions, as applicable, may be easily applied to Delta Comfort+ fares.  Corporate discounts associated with the fare class (first letter of fare basis code) apply; no need to amend or change existing agreements.


Delta Comfort+® as an Ancillary Seat Product

Delta customers, including those who purchased tickets via travel agents, can now purchase premium products like Delta Comfort+ as an add-on purchase for all or part of their journey to further customize their upcoming travel experience – and customers can use a different method of payment than used for the original ticket purchase to do so.

After an upgrade-eligible ticket is purchased, customers or travel agents can go to or call Delta Reservations to buy Delta Comfort+ as an add-on, or ancillary purchase, as available – regardless of where the original ticket was purchased. Travel agents may also contact Global Sales Support for assistance with an ancillary purchase. 

The customer can select a premium product on any individual segment of their journey, or the entire trip, and use the same or a different method of payment for the transaction. 

Post Purchase Upgrades

Post purchase upgrades using cash or miles can be done via Travel Agencies maintain control of tickets when customers upgrade post-purchase.

Upgrade-eligible tickets and segments must have the following attributes:

  • 006 Delta ticket stock

  • Segment desiring ancillary upgrade is Delta marketed and Delta operated

  • Ticket purchased via fare or SkyMiles award redemption

Some exclusions to upgrade eligibility apply, which include the following:

  • Basic Economy tickets
  • Group PNRs

  • PNRs with special service requests for unaccompanied minors, infants or pets-in-cabin

  • SkyBonus point redemption tickets

  • Origin or destination is Buenos Aires, Argentina (EZE)

Ancillary purchase options are subject to availability and may not be available in all cases for all customers.


How to Identify Delta Comfort+® as a Fare Product in a GDS
  • Delta Comfort+ fares are available to view and sell in most GDS in the same manner as other fares. Travel agents may view the complete fare rules and details of any Delta Comfort+ fare available in a GDS fare display.

  • Delta Comfort+ fares will use Delta’s Fare Basis Code structure. This structure features a product identifier as part of the fare basis code and allows for unique ticket designators to be applied for discount programs.  – OR - 

  •  The fare basis code will include a static ticket designator (WCOM/SCOM), which will not allow for the use of a corporate fare program.  Agency incentives and commissions are applicable by entering agency ticket designators in other approved locations on the ticket.

Please note: Delta Comfort+ fares are booked in "W or S" Class.

Branded Fare Product

Identifier in Fare Basis Code


Delta Comfort+

(fare basis code begins with Main Cabin inventory letter;  booking class will always  “W or S” class)


C or I




Delta Comfort+

(fare basis code begins with Main Cabin inventory letter;  booking class will always  “W or S” class)


 Currently Identified by use of

WCOM or SCOM Ticket Designator



Dual-Inventory Check Process
  • Delta uses a Dual-Inventory Check Process for Delta Comfort+ fare products.  Fares are filed as published fares and the fare basis code will begin with a Main Cabin Inventory letter (Q, K, L, U, T, X, V etc.), but the Delta Comfort+ booking class will always be “W or S” class*.
  • For the Delta Comfort+ fare product to be available for purchase, both the FBC booking class and the inventory class of service (W or S) must be available.

  • Example of a Delta Comfort+ fare:

    •  The identifier in a fare basis code will indicate “C”, “I”, “4” or a static ticket designator (WCOM or SCOM) – BLX81PCD

    • Booked in W or S class = B fare basis code  

    • Requires both W or S and B class to be available (dual inventory check)

* Delta “W and S” Class is a valid revenue class of service used for Delta Comfort+ as a fare. In addition, S class may be used when a customer is upgraded into Delta Comfort+ or for SkyMiles Award Tickets.


Pricing a Delta Comfort+ Fare

When booking and pricing a Delta Comfort+ fare in the GDS, travel agents will need to book a customer’s reservation into ‘W’ or ‘S’ class and use a “price as booked” entry. The lowest available Delta Comfort+ fare will be offered in ‘W’ or ‘S’ class, if available. Travel agents should not use a “price as lowest fare and rebook” entry to price the itinerary, because the reservation is booked in ‘W’ or ‘S’ class, this entry will rebook the customer into a lower Main Cabin fare and remove them from Delta Comfort+. If ‘S’ is not available or there are no fares in ‘S’ class, the travel agent should rebook into ‘W’ class which is the higher of the two Delta Comfort+ fares and use the "price as booked" entry.

Delta Comfort+ fares are based on dual inventory; both ‘W’ and ‘S’ class, along with the Main Cabin class of service are used to determine the fare and must be available for the PNR to price.  Delta recommends that travel agents issue the ticket immediately in order to ensure that the PNR prices at the fare quoted.


Delta Comfort+ Upgrade Certificates

A travel agent must contact Global Sales Support (GSS) or Delta Reservations to redeem a Delta Comfort+ eNCI upgrade certificate. The terms and conditions for these certificates will be changed accordingly. All other upgrade certificates that allow redemption via the GDS will still be permitted.


SkyMiles Medallion® Complimentary Upgrades in markets with Delta Comfort+ as a fare product

In markets with Delta Comfort+ as a fare, SkyMiles Medallion Members continue to enjoy Complimentary Upgrades to Delta Comfort+ based on availability after purchasing a Main Cabin ticket.

  • Diamond and Platinum Medallion Members are eligible for Complimentary Upgrades to Delta Comfort+ shortly after ticketing.
  • Gold Medallion Members eligible for Complimentary Upgrades to Delta Comfort+ beginning 72 hours (3 days) prior to departure.
  • Silver Medallion Members eligible for Complimentary Upgrades to Delta Comfort+ beginning 24 hours (1 day) prior to departure. 

Now there’s more ways to manage Complimentary Medallion Upgrades

1.      Opt-in for automatic Complimentary Upgrades: Medallion Members can opt in to receive automatic Complimentary Upgrades for all future travel by updating their flight preferences in their profile at Members who are opted in to automatic upgrades will now have the ability to revert back to an available seat in Main Cabin through the seat map to avoid particular seats, such as middle seats in Delta Comfort+, during their eligibility window.

2.     Opt-out to self-select upgrades from the seat map: Medallion Members who opt out of automatic Complimentary Upgrades will now have the ability to select an available* seat through the seat map during their eligibility window by going to

3.      Set upgrade ‘opt-in’ preferences by flight segment on Delta MyTrips: Opt-in for upgrades at the segment level via MyTrips, and Delta will automatically process upgrades to any available seat once the eligibility window opens for a particular segment. These selections will override a global ‘opt-in’ SkyMiles preferences settings.

*When using the seat map, Medallion Members may see First Class Upgrades available for purchase within their eligibility window and can choose to purchase the upgrade or wait for their Complimentary Upgrade to clear, if these seats go unsold.

Please note: This is the same process that is used for First Class opt-in selection, but Delta Comfort+ defaults to ‘opt-out’ while First Class defaults to ‘opt-in.’ During the respective upgrade process, Delta Comfort+ will be assigned as available. Once the upgrade has been granted, travel agents or customers may select a different Delta Comfort+ seat, if available.

SkyMiles Medallion Complimentary Upgrade Policy for Y, B, and M Fares

  • In markets with Delta Comfort+ as a fare, Y, B, and M fares will not have automatic complimentary access to Delta Comfort+.

  • Delta Medallion Members who purchase Y, B or M fares will still maintain complimentary access to Delta Comfort+ subject to availability, based on their respective Medallion Upgrade window.

View SkyMiles Medallion Benefits for complete information on Medallion complimentary access to Delta Comfort+. 

Upgrade Notification

  • “S” Class will be a valid class used for Delta Comfort+ as a fare and when a customer is upgraded into Delta Comfort+.

  • Medallion members will be notified of their new Delta Comfort+ seat assignment via email and will have the option to change to another Delta Comfort+ seat, if available.

  • For travel agency booked PNRs: When an upgrade occurs, “S” Class will be a valid class used when a customer is upgraded into Delta Comfort+ (“W or S” class is still used for paid purchases, either as a fare or an ancillary seat product). 
  • The following process will be used to notify the booking agency and update the PNR, when a customer is upgraded into Delta Comfort+ via Medallion complimentary upgrade:

    • The GDS will receive an HX message on the old class segment.

    • The upgraded flight segment will be rebooked in a "S" class and the flight segment will reflect either a “TK” or a “KK” status message based on the GDS.    

The PNR will be documented with an SSR to notify that the customer has been upgraded and to denote that no reissue from the agency is required. Example: SSR OTHS 1P 268W18NOVATL - ELITE UPG CONFMD NO TKT REISSUE REQ 


Delta Comfort+® Changes or Refunds

Delta Comfort+ purchased as an ancillary seat product is non-refundable. Customers may opt to change their seat assignment within their purchased seat type at no charge.

For Delta Comfort+ as a fare product, check the applicable fare rule for information regarding voluntary itinerary changes.


Group Reservations and Delta Comfort+®

Delta Comfort+ is available for Group reservations on Delta operated flights. For Point of Sale (PoS) Africa and the Middle East including Israel, where there is a Delta GSA and where tickets can be issued on DL 006 ticket stock, Group Reservations for Delta Comfort+ are available. However, PoS Europe (including the UK), Group reservations are not available. View Group Travel, for additional information. 


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View a set of Frequently Asked Questions about Delta Comfort+.

For questions regarding Delta Comfort+ as a fare product, please review the applicable fare rules for details or contact Delta Sales Support or Delta Reservations.

For questions related to GDS entries and functionality please consult our “Where to Find GDS Information for Booking, Pricing and Ticketing Delta’s Branded Products” page and contact your GDS Help Desk for assistance.


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