Tax Information   

There are several resources available for travel agents looking for tax information.  When travel agents believe that their GDS is not pricing taxes correctly or if there is an uncommon tax situation that needs to be researched, travel agents may use the resources below to find answers to their questions.

The Passenger Air Tariff (PAT)

Published jointly by IATA and SITA and using authoritative data sources, PAT supplies industry and carrier rules and fares information to the airline, agent, and training industry worldwide.

The PAT has a reference to The Ticket Tax Box Services (TTBS) as the source for information regarding taxes.

Please note: Travel agencies may have to have a membership to access the Passenger Air Tariff. Please check with your agency Administrator for details.

 The Agency GDS

Travel agents may also access tax information within their GDS. The following GDSs have provided the following entries for travel agents to use when searching for tax information:




Amadeus and Topas







GTAXCountry Code or Country Name (e.g. GTAXUS or GTAXUSA)
GTAXCountry Code/Tax Code (e.g.GTAXUS/AY)


TXN*Country Code (e.g.TXN*US)
TXN**Tax Code (e.g. TXN**AY)


XS FXT/Country Code (e.g.XS FXT/US)
XS FXT/Country Code/Tax Type (e.g.XS FXT/US/US)
XS FXT/Airport Code (e.g. XS FXT/NYC)


Travelport – Ask Travelport (*





*Please note: Ask Travelport requires a login to access.

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For additional assistance finding correct tax information, travel agents may contact their GDS Help Desk, Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance.

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