Delta Launches SkyWatch Daily Outlook   

Delta is launching an industry-leading daily operational information platform for customers.

Information about Delta’s daily operational outlook will now be available to customers with the launch of SkyWatch Daily Outlook – a customer-facing version of Delta’s operational outlook – on and the Fly Delta app. Starting August 12, the page will be updated twice a day on weekdays and once a day Saturday through Sunday with the goal of communicating to customers about what to expect from the day’s anticipated flight operations in an easily digestible format and language.

Content for the SkyWatch Daily Outlook reflects information shared each morning when operations and customer groups from across the airline meet for a briefing that highlights potential challenges to Delta’s flight operations for the day ahead. This behind-the-scenes operational information provides added transparency and greater awareness to those challenges that may impact customers’ flights.

The new informational platform was created based on feedback from customers for a “one-stop-shop” to learn about inclement weather and other potential challenges they may experience in their travels. 

For awareness, Delta is advising our travel partners of the launch of the new informational platform. We also want to remind our travel partners that the operational information on SkyWatch will be in addition to any Travel Exception Policy issued by Delta to assist customers during operational challenges.

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