Assistive Devices   

Assistive devices refer not only to wheelchairs, canes, or crutches, but also include any device that may be necessary to assist a customer with a disability to perform a major life function.

Assistive devices are not counted as any part of the customer’s carry-on baggage allotment. They must however fit in FAA approved onboard locations to be carried on. 

Assistive devices are accepted for transport with the only limitations being aircraft ability to accommodate the device size and battery safety compliance.

Using electrically powered assistive devices on board the aircraft requires prior verification of safety. To verify safety requirements, please contact Delta Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance.

Delta does not provide any onboard power sources for assistive devices. Delta does allow the transportation of spare lithium ion batteries to power mobility aids, pending certain restrictions. Visit the Policy Library for additional information regarding Batteries.

Customers are allowed to carry medications in a separate bag and should be advised that medications do not need to be left in their checked baggage.


For questions about a specific assistive device or for information on how to add a request for an assistive device in a customer’s PNR, please contact Delta Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance.

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