Virtual Queuing Lets Customers Know When Their Seat is Boarding   

Customers have one less thing to worry about at the airport. Delta has launched virtual queuing via the Fly Delta app, so they can relax away from the gate area and go to board when their seat, not just their flight, is boarding.

The new feature is part of the Fly Delta app transformation, turning it into a digital concierge and will help reduce gate area queues to make the boarding process easier. Virtual queuing is akin to being notified by a restaurant with a pager when your table is ready, so you can wait close by instead of in a crowded entrance or lobby.

Fly Delta App

Delta will continue using the same boarding order and associated colors launched in January 2019, that reflect the branded fare purchased, while still prioritizing customer loyalty.

Virtual queuing adds to recent Fly Delta upgrades like integrating real-time TSA wait times in Seattle and New York – LaGuardia, offering pre-select meals and launching international auto-check-in – all designed to make travel more personalized and seamless. 

The award-winning Fly Delta app is free to download for iOS and Android and is packed with handy features like RFID bag tracking notifications and wayfinding maps of Delta’s largest hubs.  

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