Extra Seat - Personal Comfort   

旅行中の個人的な快適さのために「追加座席」のご購入を希望されるお客様もいらっしゃいます。デルタ便名フライトの追加座席購入に関するガイドラインは下記の通りです。  その他の旅程および追加座席購入の詳細については、デルタ・セールスサポートまたはデルタ航空予約センターまでお問い合わせください。

General Information

Delta does not require a passenger who needs a seatbelt extender or is unable to lower the armrest to purchase an additional seat. However, please be aware that if a passenger impedes on another passenger, they may be asked to move to another location that provides additional space, or in the event of a full flight, be asked to take a later flight with available seating.

To avoid this situation and for the passengers personal comfort, Delta recommends that passengers purchase an additional seat.

Please Note: Delta has the right to charge for all seats occupied.









快適な空の旅のために追加座席をご予約になる場合は、 デルタ航空予約センターまでお問い合わせください。


Complimentary Upgrades

If a Medallion member would like to be waitlisted for a Complimentary Medallion Upgrade, the PNR will need to be divided. Please contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance.

Please advise the Medallion member that there are no refunds for the extra seat if using a nonrefundable fare, if the complimentary upgrade clears.

SkyMiles Awards

SkyMiles awards may be redeemed for the extra seat.

SkyMiles Credit

SkyMiles credit is not automatically tracked for the purchase of an extra seat and must be requested by the SkyMiles member after travel. For additional information, please contact Delta Sales Support or Delta Reservations  for assistance.


Transatlantic Joint Venture (JV) Partner Policies

When making a reservation for an Extra Seat, please note that PNRs with a mixture of DL operated and AF, KL, AZ, VS, AM or KE operated flights are not permitted.

For assistance with reservations for an Extra Seat that include carriers other than Delta, please contact Global Sales Support or  Delta Reservations for assistance.

The following links provide Joint Venture partner information related to policy and procedures regarding an extra seat for personal comfort or a phone number to call to request information:

Air France

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines


Virgin Atlantic


Korean Air